Volunteers Needed for Estrella Pre-War Security

Lady Sarah Thorarinsdottir, Volunteer Coordinator and Lord Aleyn Randwoulf, Pre-War Security Deputy for Estrella War XXIII send forth a plea for assistance for the upcoming War.

Lady Sarah and Lord Aleyn write:

We, the Pre-War Security Autocrat and Volunteer Coordinator, make a Kingdom and Known World plea.

We are in dire need of volunteers for pre war security, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evening. All of the shifts are from 10 pm till 6 am.

Anyone that volunteers will receive volunteer hours to be allocated as they see fit for the volunteer banner award. We pride ourselves on being an extraordinary in giving of our time and efforts. Please, won't you give just a couple hours of your war (vacation) time to make this a more enjoyable event for everyone?

Please contact myself or the Pre-War Security Autocrat at the following;

Lady Sarah Thorarinsdottir
Volunteer Coordinator - Estrella War XXIII

Lord Aleyn Randwoulf,
Pre-War Security - Estrella War XXIII