Surviving Troll at Estrella XXIII

Friedrich Ethelred aus Schloss Trier, Internal Publicity Deputy for Estrella War XXIII passes along a few suggestions for getting through the check in process at the upcoming War.

Surviving Troll at Estrella XXIII

Trolls are usually viewed as solitary beings that avoid civilization and humans as a matter of nature. In these current middle Ages, nothing could be farther from the truth. At Estrella War XXIII, the friendly volunteers at Troll can't wait to meet you! To ease your passage through the Troll's cave, be sure that you pack the following documents along with the garb, tents, lanterns, and kitchen sinks.

Trolls will gladly smile at you when you give them CASH. Trolls will also accept Traveler's Cheques. If you bring any other type of payment, be warned that the Trolls will get very grumpy and not let you in. They may even make you head to town to get CASH.

Trolls do not accept Checks, Cashier Checks, Money Orders, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Franks, Marks, Euros, or Turnips.

Bring Proof of Membership (if you are a member) and some form of Photo ID. The Trolls gather from all over the Known World and we may not recognize you.

The only valid proofs of membership are:

  • A current, non expired membership card,
  • Any SCA publication with the member's name and expiration date on the mailing label,
  • An SCA stamped, return receipt of payment slip, from Corporate in Milpitas
  • A printed membership form or receipt from the SCA membership services page on the SCA web site.

If you have minors in your party and you are not the parent or legal guardian, you must have a standard SCA Minor Waiver and a Medical Power of Attorney. Please bring multiply copies of these forms; one will be filed at Troll, and one copy should be kept with the child at all times in event emergency services are needed.

If you are an emancipated minor, you must bring proof so that the Trolls do not insist on meeting your parents. Please bring a copy of your forms that can be attached to the waiver forms filed at Troll.

Site Fees
Wed - Friday / Sat 12:01 am
Adult 18 or older: 65.00 / 55.00
Minor 9 to 17: 25.00 / 25.00
Youth 0 to 8: Free / Free

Adult Day Pass: 30.00 / 30.00
Minor Day Pass: 15.00 / 15.00

Reserved Parking: 20.00 / 20.00

**Adult Member Discount $10.00

As you turn off the main road leaving the modern world behind while traveling back in time as you drive down the dirt road to a parking lot with the Troll tent waiting to process your entrance to the war.

If you arrive via a livery service, your gear must be unloaded at the Troll parking area as the carriage will not be allowed to enter the event - please make prior arrangements with your camping group to help move your items to the campsite. The Trolls will feel for you if it's raining cats and dogs, but they won't be able to help move your things or be responsible for any damage that may occur.

Before entering Troll tent make sure you write down the license plates of your vehicles and trailers; you will need this for the parking pass. All vehicles on site must have a parking pass displayed in case the war staff needs to locate you. Handicap persons need to bring their Handicap placard or their vehicle registration form showing Handicap plates so they can receive a FREE Handicap parking pass which will allow parking spaces marked Handicap.

You may want to purchase a Reserved Parking Pass for $20 to allow you to park in the reserved parking space until full. If available you will be assigned a space number and only you can park in the space you are assigned to, if someone parked in your space please let an Estrella War Staff know so we can get the Parking Autocrat to get the vehicle towed.

General Parking lot is free to park vehicles and or trailers in. We ask that trailers to be unhitched in their own separate parking lot with a parking pass displayed on trailer and the vehicle. Please be fair and courteous when parking in the lots to park where there is a space and not block roadways.

Camping trailers, also known as "pop up" campers are not allowed inside the campgrounds. Camping trailers can be set up with no additional fee within the RV Camping area.

R.V. camping will have a specific area for their dry camping; they will also need a free parking pass displayed with all the information filled out. There are no hook ups of any type and no dumping station available on site.

If you are only available to spend a day with us we have a day parking lot that would be more convenient to park in, make sure you display your parking pass.

If you park in a NO PARKING area your carriage may be impounded and a towing fee of $50.00 imposed.

On site there are foot bridges that connect the camping to the main field of activity there are NO Motorized Vehicles allowed on them, there are exits at the end of the roads.

We have three warnings on behavior or actions at Estrella War and no refunds will be given if we enforce your removal from site.

Once out of your carriage at the Troll's Cavern, you will enter the maze and start filling out the forms necessary to come into the lands of Estrella. It would be wise to take care of any bodily functions (privy, eat, drink, and check never know who you will meet) before entering the long traveled maze.

When you enter the caverns, there will be a line of tables on either side. When a Troll bellows the magic word, NEXT, go to that Troll and they will give you forms to fill out, answer your questions, and give you a Gate Book, Parking Pass, and a Register Slip.

We ask all parents to fill out a wrist band for all children with information that may help us locate the parents in the event the child is lost. Yes, please fill out the wrist band for your pets as well unless you have a tag on the collar that will help locate you at the event.

One and only one member of your party should take the register slip and the CASH and get into the line in the center of cavern. This will take you to the Money Trolls, who will take your CASH and hand over your Site Tokens.

If the drums keep you awake in the night or there are a couple hours before your next A&S class please come to Troll and volunteer. As the weary traveler stumbles into the final destination of these great lands, it may be your smile that makes their Estrella special.

By the way, did we mention that the Trolls only take CASH and Travelers Cheques? Also Trolls will not accept Checks, Cashier Checks, Money Orders, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Franks, Marks, Euros, or Turnips.

Please note: Troll would prefer not to accept $100 or $50 bills or Travelers Cheques in those amounts, unless the site fees for your family come close to that total. In other words, please don't give us a $100 bill or $100 Travelers Cheque for a $40 site fee.