Yule Feast and Revel

Yule, the feast of light! Once again we will celebrate the return of the sun. This year's feast will include games, dancing, and A&S classes. Don't have a mask for the 12th Night Masquerade Ball yet? Come make one with us. After dinner there will be a White Elephant trade. Please bring a wrapped toy as well as one wrapped gift for every member of your party. (We will be donating any extra toys to Toys for Tots.)

Site Information: Humboldt Hill Grange #501. 5845 Humboldt Hill Rd. Site opens at 11 am The 5 course feast will start at 6 pm and site will close at 10:30pm. Site fees $15 members, $18 non-members, children 12 and under, $6.

Directions: Take your best rout to 101, exit at Humboldt Hill Road (Exit 701). Head away from the bay, about 1/4 mile on your left is the Humboldt Hill Grange #501. 5845 Humboldt Hill Rd. Location:
Palatine Barony of Allyshia (Eureka, California)