A Death in the Family: Milton Friedman, Father of Master Cariadoc of the Bow

Nobel-Laureate economist Milton Friedman, father of Dr. David Friedman (Master Cariadoc of the Bow, Duke of the East and Midrealm) has died at age 94. The news was announced late afternoon November 16, 2006.

Founder of the "Chicago School" of economic theory, Friedman taught a basically Libertarian or fiscally Conservative answer to the 1950s-60s era drive to expand government, continuing his work into the 21st Century. Friedman's economics were the inspiration of several American Presidents in recent decades. He taught that free markets, rather than governmental policies, were the most efficient way to maximize societal productivity, and he argued for privatization of services such as schools and retirement accounts.

Professionally, David has followed his father's footsteps as a supporter of least government, and as an academic, a professor of Law and Economy in the University of California system.

Within the Society, Master Cariadoc's achievements range from the legendary creation of the Pennsic War, as both challenger, as King of the Midrealm and accepter of the challenge, as King of the East, losing the first of what would become the Society's largest inter-kingdom battle.

Establishing his Enchanted Ground, Cariadoc has striven to create an authentic setting for storytelling and poetry, and has spent thousands of hours teaching us how to be better re-enactors, publishing guides, testing recipes and tent designs, among a few million other projects.