12th Night

Come one, come all, to Arenal's 12th Night event at Woodmen of the World Camp River Springs near Evergreen, AL on the weekend of January 5th through the 7th.

We plan to have entertainments for all! Our Minister of Children has been planning classes as well as "fun time" activities for the children! We will have Fencing. Archery(weather permitting), Youth Combat, Art/Sci Classes galor(including a few beginning fighter classes), and a wonderful feast. And last but not least of all, there will be Heavy Fighting as well! Even at RUM you couldn't keep the Armor off of them(heheheee). We will be having the Traditional King Stag Tournament(with the "Old Stag" coming back to compete, I'm told).

We will also be having our Fools Court Masquerade Ball after feast. This is not an activity for Children or "weak of heart"! But we will be having a "Topsy Turvey Party" for the children across the Yard in the other Building going on at the same time, so as to give the children something else to do.

Check out our Event Web Page ( http://www.Arenal12thNight.org ) for further more specific info and we hope to see you there!

The Autocrats, Lady Gefn and Milord Nickolas Von Hertlein Heather Hefner and Fred Wolfe Location:
Shire of Arenal (Evergreen, Alabama)