"Yellow pages" directory for Drachenwalders

Freiherr Agilmar von Sevelingen and Herrin Anna von Silvenhain have started a small, non-official wiki - a "Yellow pages" directory for Drachenwalders.

Freiherr Agilmar von Sevelingen announced :

"...Herrin Anna von Silvenhain and myself have started a small, non-official wiki. It is essentially a "Yellow pages" directory for Drachenwalders, ie a survey of European vendors for all things medievaloid which might be of interest to SCAdians.

Currently, you can search vendors by region or by their trade. (The selection is still rather small, well, we're just starting...) We have decided to use a semi-open structure, ie the creation of new entries will be done by Herrin Anna, while anybody can submit their comments about the vendors.

Please, check out the wiki and tell us what you think. Also, please don't hesitate to contribute!"

For more information, follow the "original article" link to the home page.