New Laurel and Pelican in Drachenwald

At Kingdom University in Drachenwald this last weekend, Lady Stella Seraphina von Leuchtenberg was elevated to the Order of the Laurel (for her cooking arts) and Lord George Fitzhume was elevated to the Order of the Pelican by King Michael and Queen Moira.

At the same event the Kingdom Year Long A&S competition had its final round. The winner of the year-long A&S competition and Drachenwald's new Royal artisan is Lady Fiona Wiggins.

pics of Mistress Stella's elevation

Lady Genevieve announced that she posted some of her photos from the last weekend, specifically of Stella's elevation.


... Mainly you should look at the last photos, of Stella's marvellous Laurel cloak, by the hands of her loving friends. A picture can't convey the whole splendour of it, but can only give you a taste!

Looking forward to seeing more in-focus pictures from the weekend.

Regards, Genevieve