Calendar of Chivalry on sale in Caid

Benedictions: A Caidan Calendar of Chivalry and Sainthood debuted at Caid's Fall Coronation on Saturday, November 11, to much public acclaim.

The 2007 calendar, product of a four-month project undertaken by a professional photographer and a professional digital artist, features 12 of the Kingdom's most photogenic Knights (with the assistance of several lovely ladies) re-creating paintings and legends of medieval saints. Though a religious topic was not the initial focus of the calendar, whose central theme was re-creating medieval art, saints were eventually chosen because 1) they provided a wide range of action scenes, and 2) medieval depictions of saints include several scantily-clad hunks. Some of the most popular images include Sir Dante Lizza’s “Temptation of St. Anthony”, Sir Philippe de Tournay’s “St. John the Baptist”, Sir Basil Von Koln as the “Executioner of St. Catherine”, Sir Guillaume de la Belgique's "St. Roq and His Dog", and more!

Calendar sales, at $15 "suggested minimum donation" plus $5 shipping and handling, will help offset the budget deficit Caid suffered by the unavoidable cancellation of this year's Great Western War.

In the wake of this weekend's whirlwind sales, Caid's web-wrights are hastily preparing a web site to promote the calendar SCA-wide. Meanwhile, anyone interested in purchasing a copy may e-mail for payment information. The calendar is expected to sell out very quickly, since over 150 copies were snapped up within the first hour of sales.

Sample images will be posted as soon as possible.