Artemisia Kingdom War Practice

Warriors of Artemisia! In preparation of our invasion of the Kingdom of Atenveldt, His Majesty has commanded all his Warriors to make ready their arms and armor, and hone their skills for battle! Therefore on the 25th of November, in the Shire of Cote Du Ciel, there will be held a War practice. All fighters who can attend are strongly encouraged to obey his Majesty's command. Bring spear, sword, scutum and crossbow (yes, we will attempt to practice Combat Archery as well!).

---Sir Ralph, Crown Prince Artemisia

The War Practice on the 25th of November hosted by the Shire of Cote du Ciel will be held at Watkins Park in Brigham City Utah. The site is a public park less than two miles from I-15 with easy access and lots of parking. There are numerous restaurants within a 3-mile radius. There is plenty of room for combat archery to be employed. There are flat grassy areas, sloping embankments, and a corridor of trees.

There are no bathrooms or drinkable water on the site (actually, there *are* bathrooms, but they have been shut down and locked up for the season). Be prepared to take a short drive to a nearby fast-food joint if the situation requires it.

Date: 25 November 2006
Time: Noon till Dark
Place: Watkins Park, Brigham City Utah
Parking: On-site, next to fighting area
Bathrooms: Closed for the season
CA: Yes
Directions: Take I-15 to Brigham City Utah. Take exit 366 (Forrest Street) east. Drive 1.6 miles toward Brigham City. Turn right on 600 West. The parking lot will be your first right. Location:
Shire of Cote Du Ciel (Brigham City, Utah)