Atlantia Kingdom Twelfth Night

The winter winds are blowing and the festival season is here. Their Royal Majesties Ragnarr and Anneke invite you to join them in Their Twelfth Night Celebration, to be held in their Canton of Charlesbury Crossing. Join us for dancing and celebration to welcome in the New Year.

Site: St. Anne's Catholic Church, 3635 Park Road, Charlotte, NC 28209.

Site Restrictions: Beer and wine only are permitted. Period containers are strongly encouraged. Site opens at 9 am and closes at 10:00 pm.

Adult Member: $10 Site
Adult Non-Member: $13 Site
Age 6-18: $5 Site
Under 6: free
Adult or Child: $10 Feast

Feast: If you ate feast at Coronation, you know that a period feast by Count --oops, PRINCE Valharic Caligula Aurelius is a treat for the palate! For dietary concerns contact HRH. (

Feast Decoration Competition: Kindly sponsored by Lady Katerina Sina Samovicha. Elaborate is good. Outrageous is better. Insanely Over- the-Top will grab the hearts of the Judges.

For the Ladies (and their friends): You are invited to bring your needlework and mingle in the Ladies Solar. This will be an intimate area for gossip - whoops - I mean, an area for pleasant conversation. If anyone would like to bring light refreshments, it would be appreciated. (Contact Mistress Jessamyn)

Merchants: Shopping, shopping, we LOVE shopping. BUT space is limited, so merchants absolutely must pre-register. Contact Lady Alesia Gillefalyn. (

Performers: Come and entertain the assembled populace! Those wishing to perform during the day should contact Lord Asim al-Talib. (

A&S Activities:
Tempore Atlantia: The time period is Pre-1000. (http:// Displays are welcome, but space is limited. If you wish to mount a big display, please contact Mistress Susanna von Schweissguth ( Dancing will be directed by Viscountess Jeanmaire Ilaria Beatrice du Domremy. And other activities as announced! (Mistress Susanna has ideas - beware!)

Event Hotel: Howard Johnson Woodlawn, 122 W. Woodlawn Road, Charlotte, NC 21217. (704.527.1620) We have a block of 40 rooms and have been quoted a price of $48. Please tell the desk that you are with the SCA.

Autocrats: Mistress Jessamyn di Piemonte ( and Master Robear de Bardulf ( Contact Mistress Jessamyn with your questions and requests.

Directions: Take your best route to I-77. At exit 6 turn East onto Ramp Go 0.22 mi. Keep STRAIGHT onto US-521 [E Woodlawn Rd] Go 0.45 mi. Keep STRAIGHT onto E Woodlawn Rd. Go 1.46 mi. Turn LEFT (North) onto Park Rd (ABC store here!) Go 0.66 mi. St. Anne's Catholic Church is on the right. Location:
Canton of Charlesbury Crossing (Charlotte, North Carolina)