Company of the Swan Organizes Grand Behourdium for Drachenwald Ten Year Celebration

Captain Aethstan of Wortham has announced that a Grand Behourdium and Deed of Arms will take place at the Kingdom of Drachenwald's Ten Year Celebration this summer, organized by the Company of the Swan. Captain Aethstan writes:

Dear Drachenwald,

The Company of the Swan and Cross, often called the Company of the Swan, is organising a grand behourdium and deed of arms at the Ten Year celebrations in June. The Captains will be His Grace Duke Elfinn and His Majesty King Matthew, being the first and twentieth Kings of Drachenwald. We humbly hope that with your help it will be the most spectacular and memorable tourney ever seen in Drachenwald.

Some of the special aspects of the tourney will include:

* A Helmschau (display of crests and helmets)
* Prizes for the best presented gear and followers as well as for the most valiant fighters
* Extensive ceremonies and pageantry, including music
* Grand melees and challenges in multiple themed arenas
* Opportunities for spectacular deeds of arms
* A d*mn good fight!

So that you know what to expect and can find out how you can contribute to the tourney, we have created two small handbooks - one in English, and one in German - which explain the background to the tourney, the ceremonies that will take place, and the special rules involved. The booklets - based on web pages created by Sir Gilliam for the first Drachenwaldian behourdium - also include practical information on looking good on the field and adding to the atmosphere of the tourney, including sections on crests, tabards and flags.

You can read individual sections of the booklets in English (without pictures) and download the booklets in German and English (with pictures) on the Drachenwald Ten Year Celebration website.

I hope you will find these booklets useful in preparing for this and other tournaments in our Kingdom. If you have any questions, I am at your service.

For the Company,

Captain, Company of the Swan

THANKS: I would like to warmly thank Katharina von den Linden who, with the assistance of Eleonora von Ratzeburg, undertook the substantial task of translating our Handbook into beautiful German. Thank you ladies! We are in your debt. The English version of the book was webbed by Maximilian von Brandenburg, one of the Company.