"Healing Crown" of Septentria Returned in Ealdormere

Duncan Gabh Macleiod relates a tale about completing a thirty-year-old trust recently during an event in the Barony of Septentria, Kingdom of Ealdormere.

Duncan Gabh Macleiod writes:

This weekend at feast of the Bear I had the opportunity to fulfill a trust given unto Master Naon almost thirty years ago. To some gentles who asked, here is the text of my speech.
My world has changed: I feel it in the water: I feel it in the Earth: I smell it in the Air. Much that once was is now lost. Where few now return to remember. History has become myth. Myth has become Legend.

The tale I bring comes down from times of old. Before I walked among the people of Ealdormere. Before our Duke Finnvarr found his plot of sand and rock under a flaming sky. Back when the Dragon and Tiger Kingdoms still touched each other. When the land of Septentria encompassed all and more than what is now our Kingdom.

This summer, before the first torch of Pennsic were lit, I lost a dear friend. He was a Harper, a joker, a Master of the Laurel, a teacher, a mentor to myself and my son and a keeper of a great many tales and things.

To we who survive him comes the duty to find the best place for those things that he left behind. We found in our sorting a coronet I had seen years before and Master Naon Na Chutrie then told me its tale. It seems that in the early days of this Barony it was deemed that regalia was needed and an artisan caused to be made a coronet complete with presentation pillow. But an error was made, for the head of baron Justinian was too grand a size for the diminutive coronet. Master Naon, then known as Nain De Islandia was found to be the only one present whose head fit the coronet. After another feast where by means unknown to me, it is said that this coronet returned to life one gentle, thus it was named the Healing Crown of Septentria.

Master Naon was given this coronet in trust, and in trust he kept it until the end of his days. It falls to me, Duncan Gabh MacLeiod, his friend and one time apprentice to return this relic to the halls of those who carry the torch of Baron Justinian. Thus the I return to you a trust fulfilled in this, the Healing Crown of Septentria.

Thank you all who greeted me warmly after a long absence from the SCA.

Duncan Gabh Macleiod

TSivia adds:

To clarify the story from one who was there when Septentria received the Healing Crown:
The Coronet was made for Baroness Gillian d'Uriel, founding Baroness Septentria, by the incipient canton of Afon Araf. She wore it to at least one event, where she cured many and sundry with its amazing powers, and it was therefore dubbed the Healing Crown of Septentria. In its early days, said Crown bore more than a passing resemblance to a Crown worn for Coronations by a certain Mundane ruler of Ealdormere and other lands to our East and West...

Subsequent to the miracles, this fine piece of history was given by Baron Aedan and Baroness Caffa, unto Mistress Enid Aurelia of the Tin Isles, founding Baroness Skraeling Althing. But as our good founding Baroness had a head filled to the brim with much information, the Crown was found to be lacking in girth to sit properly upon her head. As a result, like a glass (or fur) slipper of legend, a quest began to find who might properly display such a fine gift upon his/her noggin. It was indeed discovered that Master Naon had THE only head delicate enough for this amazing item to sit upon properly, and he was given it in trust to keep for many years. He took it upon himself to "dress down" the Crown so that we had no worries about Governors-General arriving to return stolen property to Insula Draconis, in Drachenwald...

I am glad to see it has returned to the memory of mortal man and woman, although I am sorry to say that I know of no Justinian who was involved in its creation or display. Mayhaps in the telling, "Gillian" sounded much like "Justinian?" (I do not believe however, that they look much ALIKE in my estimation.) In some of my old photos, I have a picture of Baroness Gillian wearing the very same fabled Crown, holding court.