Navigating 16th Century London

Dr. Janelle Jenstad of the University of Victoria in British Columbia has created an interactive map of 16th century London complete with the "theatres and landmarks of Shakespeare's time."

The map can be accessed through an index or location markers and can be enlarged for study of the complete map. Dr. Jenstad's website also includes other features including a library with "editions of royal entries and mayoral pageants, special kinds of theatre that took place in the streets of London. The Topics section contains articles on institutions and various aspects of London life. The Sources page provides a regularly updated bibliography of ongoing published work in the interdisciplinary field of London Studies."

Thanks to Silfren of the Kingdom of Lochac for the link.

Editor's note: We originally published the location of the website as Victoria in Australia. The location is actually Victoria, British Columbia in Canada. Our apologies for the error and thanks to librarian Edward Godwin for catching our error!