Dreams Come True for Young Author

Christopher Paolini was only a teenager when he penned Eragon, a novel about a young man who finds and raises a dragon. Now, his dreams will really come true when the fantasy debuts on the silver screen December 15, 2006. The November issue of the Renaissance Store's newsletter has a review.

"Though the story is old, Paolini infuses it with a new sense of possibility and awareness. He pours every bit of wonder and dread that an adolecsent feels into his writing. Paolini told USA Today, "Eragon really is just my daydreams, stuff I wanted to be doing like running around fighting monsters and rescuing beautiful elves". He is most proud of the relationship between Eragon and Saphira. Their connection is beyond that of a boy and his dog, or a cowboy and his horse. It combines all that with the passion a young pilot has for an airplane he has built with his own hands and a very personal love story. There is no other relationship quite like it in fiction.