Swords Clash in NYC Park

Battle cries blend with street noise in the Incipient Canton of Broken Bridge in New York City as SCA fighters interact with the locals. Village Voice reporter Silke Tudor has the story.

"On a typical Tuesday night, the imposing Lord Ervald the Optimist and Knight Marshal Valgard Jarl Stonecleaver take to the field, outfitted in fighting coats with heavy breastplates, greaves, helmets, vambraces, cuisses, gorgets, and shields made of metal. Soon, they are joined by half a dozen more knights brandishing an array of single-hand swords, broadswords, long swords, shields, and polearms. Battle cries and the sounds of clashing metal fill the air. Amazingly, most regulars in the park ignore them completely. 'You know, you seen one Brooklyn knight, you seen 'em all,' huffed Racine Mazur."