Armored Combative Arts Retreat 2007

You are invited to attend the Chateau de Camville's first (hopefully of many) Armored Combative Arts Retreat! This weekend long event will be held at Chateau de Camville, under the soaring pines and beautiful landscapes in the Shire of Mountains Gate (El Dorado County)! The concept of our first Armored Combative Arts Retreat is to give the participants a chance to really immerse themselves in the study of Armored Combat as practiced by the SCA and other WMA groups. We will be working from the ground up, focusing on Balance, Footwork, Timing, Aspects of Attack and Aspects of Defense. The event begins on Friday afternoon and concludes Sunday afternoon. The format for the event will be composed of classes (in and out of armor), drills, and sparring. There will also be a mock tournament (or Pas de Arms) on Sunday for those who wish to participate.

DATE: January 19-21, 2007 (rain date: March 17-19, 2007)

Chateau de Camville
5600 Reservoir Road
Georgetown, CA.

FEE: $30.00 per person (non-participating guests $15.00) paid on-site.
Saturday Only - $20.00 (must register by 8:30AM)
Sunday Only - $15.00 (must register by 8:30AM)

NOTE: This is NOT an official SCA event. Participant MUST RSVP by the deadline!

Your instructors for this event are Viscount Richard de Camville, KSCA, OL (Michael Canfield of the Schola St. George) and Viscount Leohtulf of the Silver Hills (John Wheeling, Jr.). Guest instructors are also being arranged at the time of this posting!

Participants should have all of their arms and armor together (very little loaner gear available) and have a MINIMUM of three years armored combat/ western martial art experience. This is NOT a beginner session! Participants should have a solid understanding of basic skills. The classes and drills will be focused on understanding particular aspects of combat and are designed to help get the participants skills to the next level. The Armored Combative Arts Retreat has space for fifteen (15) students. Slots will be awarded by RSVP on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis. Meals will be provided from Friday Dinner to Sunday Lunch. If you have any food allergies please include them in your RSVP. Bring snacks and your favorite beverage as needed. Crash space and Camping Space shall be provided. You may camp on site so bring your tent and camp gear. Showers and flush privies are on site (in the house). Crash space in the home is limited to the first eight (9) RSVPs. ALL RSVPs MUST BE IN BY JANUARY 12, 2007!

3:00PM Site and Registration Opens
7:00PM Introductions and Overview
7:30PM Dinner and Round Table Discussion
11:00PM Registration Closes

7:00AM Registration Opens
8:00AM Breakfast, Introductions and Overview
9:15AM Warm Up & Stretch
9:30AM Class One: Stances, Footwork and Movement on the X
10:30AM Class Two: Aspects of Defense 1 (Blocks)
11:30AM Class Three: Aspects of Defense 2 (Motion/Action)
12:30PM Lunch & Q&A session
2:00PM Class Four: Aspects of Attack 1 (Targeting, Sword Returns)
3:00PM Class Five: Aspects of Attack 2 (Movement on the X w/ blows, Timing)
4:00PM Break and Armor Up
4:30PM Armored Drills, Critiques and Focused Sparring
7:30PM Dinner and Roundtable Discussion. (Possible evening activity in town)

8:00AM Breakfast and Overview
9:15AM Warm Up & Stretch
9:30AM Class One: Stances, Footwork and Movement on the X
10:30AM Class Two: Aspects of Defense 3
11:30AM Class Three: Aspects of Attack 3
12:30PM Lunch & Armor Up
2:00PM Tourney or Pas de Arms
4:30PM Event Closes

WHAT YOU NEED: We wish to keep a medieval feel to the Retreat so we ask that all classes be done in your fighting gear (gambeson, tunic or uniform).You will need your fighting gear, armor and weapon(s) of choice. Bring gauntlets of you have them. Unarmored drills will be done in pads/gambesons/sweats. Slow drills will be done in pads/gambesons and a helm. Armored drills, sparring and the tourney will require your standard armor kit. Bed roll or camping gear (if you wish to camp or crash), chair, shower kit/towel, sports beverage (if you wish-water, some soda and Gatorade provided), snacks and whatever else you need to be comfortable. If you have questions about what gear you will need please contact us at

RSVPs are required. Please cut and paste the form below and return it to . The first 15 combatants to reserve space get it. When you RSVP please let us know if you need tent space or crash space. Let us know if you have any food allergies and how many in your party. Non-combatants are welcome (you will need to bring a project to work on or we can find you one possibly ranch related-grin). Dogs and horses are on site. Please leave pets at home.

The event is to be held in historic Georgetown, CA. Lots to see and do for non-combatant guests. Georgetown sits between Placerville and Cool. There is a great shopping center about 1 mile away and downtown Georgetown is about 2 miles from the site. If you do not wish to stay/camp on site there are hotels in Cool and Placerville. Both towns are about 20-25 minutes away from the site. There are horses and horse facilities on site (contact us for details about bringing in a horse for your use) along with two dogs. All roads are paved up to the entry. Georgetown is about 3 hours from the Bay Area. About 1.5 hours from Stockton and less than an hour away from Sacramento. NOTE: If you wish to camp please be aware that it is chilly in January at night. Please come prepared!

DIRECTIONS: The site is accessible from Hwy. 80 (near Auburn) and Hwy. 50 (near Rescue/Placerville). FROM HWY. 50: You have TWO options from Hwy. 50. SCENIC ROUTE: Head East on Hwy. 50. Exit at the Ponderosa/Shingle Rd. exit and head north. Make a right on Shingle Rd. Make a right on Green Valley Rd. Make a left on Lotus Rd. Make a left on Hwy. 49/Coloma. Make a left on Marshal Rd. This puts you in downtown. Make a right on South Main. Make a left on Hwy. 193. Make a right on Spanish Dry Diggings Rd. Make a left on Reservoir Rd. Look for the banners. Gate is on the left. HIGHWAY ROUTE: Take Hwy. 50 East. Exit Hwy. 49 North. This takes you through parts of Placerville. Exit Hwy. 193 North (towards Georgetown). You will go through downtown Georgetown. Stay on Hwy. 193. Make a right on Spanish Dry Diggings Rd. Make a left on Reservoir Rd. Look for the banners. Gate is on the left.

FROM HWY. 80: Take Hwy. 80 North towards Auburn. Exit at Hwy. 49 and head east. This will bring you through a national forest/park and into Cool. In Cool make a left on Hwy. 193. Make a left on Spanish Dry Diggings Rd. Make a left on Reservoir Rd. Look for the banners. Gate is on the left.

We hope to make this at bi-annual event. Come and enjoy the beauty of the Sierra foothills and immerse yourself the combative arts!

RSVP FORM (please cut, paste and return it to

SCA Name (if applicable):
How many in your party?
Any non-students in your party? If so how many?
Crash Space or Tent Space?

Thanks for reading this far!

In Service and Training,

Viscount Richard de Camville, KSCA, OL
(Michael Canfield) Location:
Chateau de Camville (Georgetown, California)