Robin Netherton to Present at CostumeCon 25

Medieval costuming expert Robin Netherton will be presenting a series of five lectures at CostumeCon 25. The convention will take place March 30-April 2, 2007 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Robin Netherton writes:

I'm delighted to announce that CostumeCon 25 will be sponsoring a full day of my lectures on medieval clothing, on Saturday, March 31, in St. Louis, Missouri.

I plan to give five lectures. In the morning, I'll do my most-requested set, a pair of lectures on "The Gothic Fitted Dress" (a medieval fashion known to many modern costumers as the "cotehardie") and "The Greenland Gored Gown" (the style often called the "10-gore dress"). In the afternoon, I'll do three more.

The convention itself runs March 30 through April 2. For those who don't know, CostumeCon is a convention structured rather like a science fiction con, but focused specifically on costuming: fantasy and sf, theatrical, historical, re-enactment, cosplay, and more. There are panels, classes, competitions, parties, vendors, and lots of interesting costume-oriented people to meet and hang out with.

If you're interested in my lectures and also in the convention itself, you can buy a full four-day membership for $95. If you're only interested in my lectures, or if you can come only for one day, you can buy a one-day membership for Saturday for $50. This will get you into my lectures as well as all the other great programming on that day (including that evening's science fiction/fantasy masquerade, a truly impressive show in which costumers present their competition entries as performance pieces). Registration for either full or one-day membership can be done online or by mail.

The Netherton lecture series is open to any registered member, but to be sure you can get a seat, you'll need to sign up specifically. You can do this when you buy your membership, or -- if you've already registered you can send an e-mail to the planners. Details on the lectures, and how to sign up, are here:

You can also buy a membership at the door, but I can't guarantee there will be seats left for my lectures by then, so if you plan to go, I'd advise you to send in your membership as soon as you can, and get on the list. If you want a room at the convention hotel, it's wise to book early for that, too.

Feel free to contact me or the convention staff with any questions.

Robin Netherton