All Souls Day: Dark Dark Ages

They came from across the sea...first as mercenaries, then as invaders. Settlers followed and spread throughout lands occupied by others. War ensued. From the mists a leader did come, to unite his people and sit at round tables. Success was theirs....for a while. For the strength of the invaders was greater, and their victories more. And out of ruins of a conquered people new kingdoms were built. The rest is but legend...

They came from across the sea...sword in hand, and destruction in mind. No soul was safe - neither monk nor fair maiden. Raiders became settlers and a new kingdom emerge to dominate the land. From amongst the natives, a champion arose, to unite his people and burn some cakes. Victory was theirs...and a new nation was born. The rest in but saga...

They came from across the sea...with knights mounted high and a Kingdom to win. The rest in but history... These are dark times, my friend. These are the Dark Dark Ages...

On November 4th 2006, the Cathy Freeman Developmental Training Center, 1435 Summit Street, Elgin, IL 60120 becomes an Anglo-Saxon Mead Hall.

Pre-Reg / At the Door
Adults $6 / $8
Kiddies $3 / $4
Kiddies (Family Cap $18 $24
There is a non-SCA members surcharge of $3

Behold the pure dedication of the cooks Master Sean and Dame Nicholaa ! For these good gentles did journey from the other side of the kingdom - indeed, they moved into the shire - just so they could prepare a magnificent feast and tickle your tastebuds with the finest of meals.

Prereg: $10
At the Door: $12
Kiddies' Feast - $5

Our brave and valiant Knight's Marshal, Sir Guerric der Wilde Fuchs, and the good and noble Lord Malkin will be holding a Heavy and Rapier tournaments. So all fighters of the Midrealm, don on your finest armour, polish your duct-tape, and let friends and foes alike hear the mighty roar of the Dragon Army's bravest soldiers.

The good people of the Midrealm are hungry for education...listen carefully and thou will hear the gurgling of minds in need of cerebral nutrition. They are desperate to learn many wondrous facts about the middle ages and renaissance. They are eager to discover new arts, new crafts and new skills. So the Minister of Indoctrination of the has scouted the land for the wisest and most educated gentles, and they will all be gathered together under the roof of the Mead Hall at the Dark Dark Ages Event.

Vanished Wood is a land that welcomes merchants! Not only does the town of Chaumburg boast a grand market, but it is home to the largest Viking Pillage Center in the knowne world. So cherished merchants, bring all your goods and wares and let the populace part with their shillings and groats.

Arts and Sciences
Please bring your Arts and Sciences projects to display, so that we may show visitors to our fair region of the Midrealm that the Midlands is indeed a center of culture and learning, and that our artists and artisans are among the best in the land! Activities include:

  • Viking Limerick Competition
  • Mead Tasting Competition
  • Youth Activities
Youth Activities
Lady Onnen, our minister of youth, will be providing games and activities to entertain the young innocent minds.

9:00 Site open to Merchants
10:00 Site opens to Populace
5:00 Midrealm Court
7:00 Mead Hall Feast
10:00 Site Closes to Populace Location:
Shire of Vanished Wood (Elgin, Illinois)