Winterkingdom XVIII

The Barony of Northkeep invites you to attend a day of fun, companionship, camaraderie, and learning.

December 9, 2006
Sts. Peter & Paul School
1428 North 67th East Avenue
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Site Opens at 9:00 AM, closes at 10:00 PM

Please contact the autocrats if you would like to teach a class, or have a class you would like to see taught!

* This is a DRY site.

Event Steward :
HL Elisabeth de Calais
Melissa Long-Blevins

Lady Kale Kourtikina
Jaime Langston

Feast Steward:
HL Therese Maria Giovanni
Theresa Kwasny Location:
Barony of Northkeep (Tulsa, Oklahoma)