Weekend Tourneys Produce Heirs in Ansteorra, East, Meridies, Atlantia and Northshield

Calontir List: A number of Crown Tournaments and Coronets took place May 3, 2003. Here are partial reports of the results. Last weekend was an important one in the lives of many SCA fighters. Crown Tourneys took place in Ansteorra, Atlantia, East and Meridies, while Northshield's Coronet was also held. The results are as follows:
  • Duke Gareth defeated Sir Gunther Van der Achen in the finals of the Meridies Crown Tourney.
  • Duke Balfar & Duchess Luna are now the heirs to the throne of the East.
    For more information see: http://scatoday.net/admin/story_edit.php?search_id=N-20030505-152007-0003
  • Count Ragnar defeated Count Havordh in the finals of Atlantian crown list.
  • Sir Ulstead the Unsteady and his lady, Baroness Cateau, are the new Crown Prince and Princess of Ansteorra. Sir Ulstead overcame Sir Balvin Thorfinson in the finals to attain this victory.
  • And Sir Aubrey Swyftwaeter was victorious in Northshield's Coronet Tourney, with the gracious inspiration of Baroness Anne Geoffreys of Warwick.

Many thanks to the members of the Calontir listserve for the information.

Congratulations to all!

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