Estrella Gatebook Art Contest

M'Lady Brenna Aine Bisset, Estrella XXIII Gatebook Autocrat, has announced that a contest will take take place to choose the best design for the gatebook cover art.

Brenna writes:

Estrella War XXIII Gatebook Autocrat is in need of cover art. Therefor a contest shall be held.


Think your artwork has what it takes to be published on the cover of the EWXXIII Gatebook?

Everyone is eligible - no age restrictions

Theme - well let me think, it's a war gatebook so let's make it WAR (or anything associated with war, like shopping, A&S classes, bardic, etc.)

All submissions must be camera ready or submitted in pdf format at 400 - 600 dpi. Well, OK, sent it in picture format jpeg, gif and we'll do what we need to. All right, send the picture itself and we'll scan it into the proper format!!

All submitted art work becomes the property of Estrella War and can NOT be returned to the artist.

Send all submissions direct to:
Gatebook Editor
M'Lady Brenna Aine Bisset (Joy Neumann)