Ealdormere Kingdom A&S Competition

Come one, come all and celebrate the Arts and Sciences at Ealdormere’s Kingdom A&S. This year activities beyond the competition include, classes, and demonstrations. Please note that fighting will take place as an entry to the competition only.

25 November, 2006
Kingston, On
Site opens at 0900
Site closes at 2300

Site Fee:
Adults $8
Age 12-18 $6
Age 5-11 $3
Children 4 and under free

*A Standard NMS fee of $4 will be applied.

Site is Wet, so no BYOB as per Ontario Law.

Feast Fee: $12
Feast is limited to 40 gentles. Reserve early and often.

Event Stewards: Lady Kersteken Janzdochtere, Lady Cristabell Wensleydale, Lady Lerthan ingen Chormaicc maicc Morgaind, Lady Heather Shea the Questrix, Lady Avienna Nordengel Reservation Steward: Lady Aevianna Nordengel Feast Steward: Mistress Ragni Dzintara of Amberhall

Many A&S activities are best shared on a stage, not a table. Please consider sharing some of your enthusiasm for dance, poetry, theatre, instrumental or vocal music, or any other art best seen in action. There is also time available to demonstrate the results of your explorations in Historical Combat, the newest A&S activity in the Kingdom.

The venue for A&S this year boasts and ideal opportunity for you to share your work with a live audience. There is a small stage space and dance floor waiting to be filled by the talented artisans and practitioners of the Kingdom. Please contact her Ladyship Cristabell Wensleydale with questions and to arrange a time for you or your group to present.

For those Good Gentles competing in Their Royal Majesties Tournament of Excellence there will one point awarded for placing an entry into the competition.

As always pre-registration is required. All research papers and written works must be submitted by 1 November 2006. And all other entries must be registered no later than 18 November 2006. Pentathalon entries must include valid membership number and expiry date. New this year is the online submission form, available on the website. Please contact the Kingdom Minister of Arts & and Science Gwendyon Casgudcath at casgudcath@gmail.com for further information.

Rideaux Acres Campground
1014 Cunningham Rd
Kingston, On
K7L 4V3

» Take your best route to exit 623 on HWY 401. Exit 623 leads to HWY 15. Take HWY 15 1 km north, the site is on the left. There will be signs.

http://www.skraelingalthing.com/kingdom/ Location:
Barony of Skraeling Althing (Kingston, Ontario)