Koge Bog: 1616

A late period (1616) Danish cookbook is now available from a New Zealand website. The book, in Danish with English translation, contains "A hundred useful pieces, Which are about brewing, baking, Cooking, aquavit and mead to make, As is useful in house Holding etc. Which before not in our Danish Language is issued in print."

From the text:

"Chapter V. About cooking.

As far as cooking is concerned, I would first state a few things that are common in our lands. That the cook or [female cook] should be cleanly, and keep their pots, pans, containers, pans and other tools always clean, there is no need to tell, everyone knows this themselves. For if any food is made or cooked in a dirty pot or pan, even if it wasn’t anything other than a cabbage, then it will immediately get a dirty and evil taste thereof. Or if you see a dirty cook’s page or maid, imagine how they interact with the food, stirring it, their sleeve is bound to fall in the pot they are stirring, etc. then you are likely to feel unhappy and dislike their food, therefore everything here should be clean, give the dirt, hair and such on a tray and keep it themselves, but the clean food on another and serve it forth to good people. Salt food, smoked ham, meat, tongue, mutton, goose to cook surely everyone knows how to cook, thereof we will write nothing."