A Day in Ireland

The Shire of Trelac Presents A Day in Ireland

Slainte! Come and join us as we honor the Irish traditions and lore of Samhain, November 3-5 in Water Valley Park. It's only 20 minutes north of San Angelo on Highway 87. There will be feasting, fun and tournaments to honor Her Majesty, Queen Britta, who will be present to help celebrate the harvest! Be on your best behavior, however, as she will also be meting out justice to those who offend her! Be of good cheer, though, for the clergy will be available with indulgences for your sins!

The Chivalric list will be run by Baron Gavin MacIain. The prize is a beautiful helm made by our own Gabriel.

The Rapier list will be run by Lady Muirghein MacKiernan as challenge tourney. The prize will be a wonderful sword rack donated by HL Larkin O'Kane.

Archery will be a clout shoot run by Lord William Cameron with a quiver for target arrows as the prize, donated by Dietrich von Trier.

Knife, Axe & Spear will be run by Lord Yves de Byron with a prize being a beautiful throwing axe, donated by a local craftsman.

The Arts and Sciences competition will be in two parts. The first is a judged competition. This part requires the entry to have an Irish theme and documentation with the prize being a craft box. The second part is by popular vote with no theme with a basket of goodies as the prize. You may not enter the same item into both parts of the competition. These competitions will be run by Lady Behiye bint Kismet.

Children's Activities will be available with several Irish-themed games and refreshments. Trick-or-treating will occur toward the end of the day. Mundane costumes may be worn, if desired. Please have small trinkets or sweets available, if you wish, to give to the children.

During feast, we will be hosting a Bardic competition to be judged by popular vote. The theme, of course, will be Irish. The prize will be an Irish bardic book.

On Sunday, beginning at 9:00am, Trelac will host a Western Regional Fighter Practice. All are welcome!

Site opens at 5:00 pm Fri, Nov 3 and closes 12:00 noon Sun, Nov 5.

Feast fee is $10.00 adults 18 and over; $5.00 children 6-17; children 5 and under free. If you will not be having feast, please contact the autocrat or feast steward. There is a $3.00 non-member surcharge.

Pets are allowed on a leash.

Site is discreetly wet. NO GLASS CONTAINERS!!!!

RV hookups available for $15 each, collected by site owner.

Directions to Site: Make your best way to Highway 87. From the North, turn right on FM 2034. From the South, turn left on FM 2034. The park is on the left.

For more information, please see our website at http://trelac.ansteorra.org/adayin.htm Location:
Shire of Trelac (San Angelo, TX)