Tomb of Gilgamesh Found in Iraq?

A German archaeological expedition believes it has found the tomb of King Gilgamesh, the subject of humanity's oldest book. The epic story of Gilgamesh, written by an unknown scholar 4500 years ago, is believed to be the oldest book in history. The ruler of the city of Uruk, Gilgamesh was thought to have been part human, part god. Now archaeologists believe they have discovered his burial site.

The book, which was written on clay tablets, describes the site of the tomb in the middle of the former Euphrates River. Such a site has been discovered, including gardens, houses and a sophisticated system of canals.

"I don't want to say definitely it was the grave of King Gilgamesh, but it looks very similar to that described in the epic," said Jorg Fassbinder of the Bavarian Department of Historical Monuments in Munich.

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