"Unshelved at the Library"

Does your SCA group meet at the library? Here's an opportunity suggested by the Unshelved librarian's comic strip that we may not yet have considered.

Don't try this at home, kiddies!

Thanks to fellow librarian THL Francesca de Onorati for spotting this one!

Indeed, libraries are great!

The local library is *exactly* where we meet -- it helps that one of our members is a librarian at that facility, but library meeting and activity rooms are free (generally) to library patrons on a first-come-first-served basis. They're also really good places for A&S days -- not only do you have space (and often spare tables!), but you can go ask research questions at the reference desk.

Libraries are also *great* places for demos; we had one at that library that brought an extra 300 people through their doors, and therefore we had roughly 1200 people on-site when we were demoing fighting, A&S, and costuming.