urgent viking information

hi I am promised to an eager member of the sca - adamastor - and i need to get some ideas arounda traditional name day celebration for vikings please can anyone help as in our shire the knowledge on viking tradition and folklore is highly limited and I am a bit stuck . .:( also while on the subject any help on a byzantine/roman female heavy fighter persona would be HIGHLY appreciated. thanx

...what period of viking....??

buenos dias from ansteorra! i can do some research on your behalf. the vikings were divided into a few tribes (picts, scotts, etc). you may need to get more specific. however, it is interesting to point out that much of the viking celebreations are named after diety, locations, or accomplishments....of course in their own tongue.

as far as the byzantine/roman persona...your best bet would be to go on the sca website and look around. also, i can raise this question up with some established heralds...if i may have your permission?

su serviente: salvador clarence de los santos de cordoba y leon

Our Troth - History & Lore

Our Troth: Volume 1: History and Lore (Paperback) by Kveldulf Gundarsson (Author) Key Phrases: Old Norse, Bronze Age, Stone Age

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Hope this helps - Rikhardr