Balfar Victorious in East Kingdom Crown Tournament

Balfar and Luna are the East Kingdom's new Prince and Princess after last weekend's Crown Tournament. Sir Balfar was the victor over Sir Kenrick in the final bout of the May 3, 2003 East Kingdom Crown Tourney. Balfar and Kenrick were the only undefeated fighters with Ruslan, Gryffen Fitzwilliam and Wulfbrand Weigand having one loss each. The undefeated Kenrick and Balfar fought a bout, with Balfar losing. The next few bouts consisted of Gryffen over Wulfbrand, Balfar over Ruslan and Balfar over Gryffen. In the final bout, Balfar defeated Kenrick.

Balfar was inspired by Luna, who will reign as his Princess.