Court Report from Artemisia's Crown Tourney

Baroness Katya in Raudhara, Principal Lady in Waiting to TRM's Timmur and Tianna, reports on the recent Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Artemisia.

Her Excellency writes:

Greetings unto all of Artemisia,

Please feel free to pass this message on to any appropriate lists and/or individuals.

This last weekend saw Crown Tourney, held in the Shire of Arrow's Flight. It was a beautiful site with great weather!

Their Royal Majesties held two Courts during this event. The following are the Court Happenings and Report from this event.

At Opening Court on Saturday morning, Their Majesties Timmur and Tianna inducted Lady Rowan of Loch Salann into the Order of the Gold Scarf.

TRM's then called forth all members of the Golden Gryphon's Talon, and made Lord Sieg Geirolnir of Loch Salann a member of this order.

Their Majesties then called forth Baron Sir Tryggva Halfdan. He received an amazing Knight scroll, all carved on a wooden Round Shield. HE had been knighted 2 1/2 years ago.

Court was then recessed so that the Crown Tourney could begin. It was a very large list; I believe it numbered around 20, give or take. I am not positive on the exact number. It was an exciting list to watch, with many excellant fights and many acts of chivalry.

It came down to 8 fighters in the quater finals (in no particular order) and I apologize for any spelling mistakes:

  • Count Morgan d'Antioche
  • Viscount Sir Gareth ap Llwewlyen
  • Viscount Sir Thomas the Diminuitive
  • Sir Gregory of Bec
  • Sir Ralph Bigod
  • HL Raven MacLeod
  • Master Bartholomew Hightower
  • Lord Hauk Maclean

It then came down to 4 fighters in the semi-finals:

  • Count Morgan
  • Viscount Sir Gareth
  • Viscount Sir Thomas
  • Sir Ralph

The finals were between Count Morgan d'Antioche, fighting for Countess Esabell Grant, and Sir Ralph Bigod, fighting for Countess Kassandra de Catania.

In a best 2 out of 3 finals, Sir Ralph won and became Artemisia's new Crown Prince!

There was Peerage meetings and then the Bard of Artemisia competition was held during a dinner break. There were many entrants; it was impressive to watch these performaces.

Evening Court then began at 7:30pm, with Their Royal Majesties Timmur and Tianna, the new Crown Prince and Crown Princess, Ralph and Kassandra, TE's of Gryphon's Lair, Baron Thorvald and Baroness Bianca, HE Baroness Antoinette of One Thousand Eyes and Vicar Morgan of Loch Salann in attendance.

Follows is the list of awards given during TRM's Court:

  • Trefoil and Mace: Count Morgan d'Antioche and Countess Esabell Grant from Arn Hold
  • Award of Arms: Ruth Wayne of Greenhills from ?
  • Gold Key and Cross: Teresa Angelina de Salomanca from Gryphon's Lair
  • Golden Pillar: HL Hrothgar Hrothgarsson (Fluffy) from Sentinels Keep
  • Maple Leaf: Countess Esabell Grant from Arn Hold
  • Quodlibet: Sieg Gierolnir (outgoing Bearer of the Shield of Chivalry) from Loch Salann

The new Bearer of the Shield of Chivalry was not present during Court, so TRM's presented the shield to his consort. I was given permission directly from HRM Tianna to announce that the new Bearer of the Shield of Chivalry is Master Bartholomew Hightower from Cote duCiel.

The new Bard of Artemisia is HL Raven MacLeod from Loch Salann.

TRM's were able to formally add Mistress Kelwin Ratslayer to Their guard, and Crown Prince Ralph Bigod and His Grace Duke Konrad von Krixen to Their Cavalry during Court.

Countess Esabell made announcements on behalf of the Artemisian War Council; please plan to volunteer at Estrella this coming year!

Their Majesties called forth Baroness Bianca de Ravenna, Baroness of Gryphon's Lair and Mistress of Their wardrobe. HE Bianca spoke to the populace, asking that if anyone would like to help sew for TRM's, please contact her. Then in a very stealthy way, TRM's called forth all members of the Order of the Laurel. They have asked HE Bianca to give Them an answer at Gryphon's Lairs' 12th Night event in January, as to whether she would like to join the Order of the Laurel.

Their Majesties then called forth all people that were present, that this was their first event. Their Majesties gave them tokens from Their Coronation, with a dragon on one side (representing the year Her Majesty was born) and a boar on the opposite side (representing the year His Majesty was born).

The winner of the Heavy Tourney Circuit for 2006 was announced. Count Morgan d'Antioche was the winner, and received the beautiful gauntlet back that he had crafted for the Tourney winner to carry for the year.

The winner of the Duelist Circuit was Aaron Carter of Loch Salann. He also received a prize, but I could not see what it was from behind the Thrones. I'm sure it was something spiffy though.

There being no further business, Court was then adjourned.

In Service,

Baroness Katya in Raudhara
Principal Lady in Waiting to TRM's Timmur and Tianna