Northshield's Crown Tourney Photos Online

Elashava bas Riva, Seneschal for the Kingdom of Northshield, has posted photos from the Kingdom's recent Crown Tournament.

Shave writes:

Although the snow's came a bit early and made the travel a bit slow for many of us, the trek up to the Shire of Darkstone was definitely worth the travel time to the great white north. The Tournament with 9 of Northshield's best was wonderful to witness getting down to the final four in the semi-finals of Viscount Hrodir, Count Raito, Syr Gunther and Lord Evan Jons with Hrodir and Raito advancing to the finals. As you all know, Hrodir won the day for Viscountess Giulia and were invested as the new Royal Heirs in evening Court. Not only did that Court see the investing of Northshield's Heirs but also saw the advancement of the Freehold of Skerjastrond as a full status Shire. It was truly a day of celebration. Court saw a number of well-deserved awards but I'll leave those to the Heralds to announce. The day was complete with a very tasty feast and much revelry.

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