Harvest Feast

The Barony of Blatha An Oir is once again having its annual Harvest Feast on the 4th of November. Their Excellencies invite you to join the Barony as we enjoy the comfort foods of Spain. The Chest of Largess grows bare and a request from Our Baroness has come forth to the populace of Blatha An Oir to show their support and to bring offerings for the continuance of generosity at future events. Harvest Feast is our traditional opportunity to share our bounty and to fulfill this request in splendorous courtly fashion.

T he site opens at 1:00 for playing games and visiting. The site is discretely wet and if you would like to help with the decorations by bringing Banners. Breads and Spreads will be placed on the tables at 3:00 with the appetizers being placed on the table at 4:00 and the first remove will be placed on the tables at 5:00.

During the day our Mistress of Games will be having games set up for people to enjoy and there will also be Mancala Tournament starting at 1:15 with a prize of a hand painted Hnefetafl Game. There will be a Brewing Contest before the Feast begins. There will also be a Dessert auction right after court which will take place around 6:00, so if you would like to bring a dessert to donate toward the auction please do. Lost and found will also be there for those that have misplaced items.

The site closes at 10:00. Seating is limited so Pre-Registration is required to attend the feast. Pre-Registration deadline is the 26th of October. For those that like to serve at Feasts we are still in need of a few servers.

The site is Normanna Hall 1106 S 15th St Tacoma WA. There are two parking lots and street parking. Site fee is $17.00 for members and the non-member surcharge of $3.00 applies for this event. Directions to Normanna Hall, (1106 s 15th, Tacoma) from I-5: Exit 133 toward City Center, Merge onto I-705N, Take the A St. exit on the Left toward WA-509 N, Take the S. 15th St ramp toward Pacific Ave, Turn Slight Left onto S. 15th St., End at Normanna Hall (1106 S. 15th, 627-9012)

Pre-Registration Information: Please print and mail the names of those you are paying for with check or money order (Do Not send cash) made payable to "SCA Inc., Barony of Blatha An Oir

Autocrat Harvest Feast
c/o Ambriel
email dragonrise7@hotmail.com>

Feastcrat Lady Lidain

Sitecrat Annaka Poznanska

Games Isabella of Wallingford

Auctioneer Elisabeth Location:
Barony of Blatha An Oir (Tacoma, Washington)