Czech National Library to Digitize Rare Documents

A team of experts at the Czech National Library, housed in a converted Baroque monastery, is working to produce digitized copies of rare documents including medieval manuscripts. The digitalization technique developed for the project was so good that it has become the accepted standard for UNESCO.

"We have two digital libraries," said Stepan Cernohorsky of AIP the company which is responsible for the technical part of the project. "One contains manuscripts, old printed books and maps and the other one, called 'Kramerius' after the first newspaper publisher in Prague, contains digitised periodicals. Of course, there are some problems for the outside user to use some files because in Kramerius we have a lot of documents that are under copyright. So we must respect the copyright law. So in this way some more recent works are accessible only in the library or in libraries that hold the originals. The free works are accessible everywhere. In the first digital library is called Manuscriptorium, there we have some licensing policy that's now going to be reshaped and it will be a bit more free for access."