Canterbury Fair Attracts SCAdians in New Zealand

Canterbury Fair, New Zealand's largest SCA camping event, attracts 100-150 participants each February. Enjoy browsing their online photo album. Canterbury Fair takes place each February in the Canterbury Region of New Zealand. While by international standards, the event is not huge, it appears to be growing yearly. An online photo album gives a feel for the event.

Canterbury Faire 2004

Details of Canterbury Faire 2004 are yet to be finalised, but it is traditionally held on or about the weekend nearest February 6th, which is a national holiday in New Zealand. The site will probably be the same as last year, the waipara Boys Brigade Camp, situated in the Wine growing region of North Canterbury, about 40 minutes drive north of Christchurch International Airport.

Canterbury faire is sponsored by the Barony of Southron Gaard and when finalised (sometime in the next few weeks)details of the event will be available at