Yeoman's Fete

The year is 1346, and all England revels in the triumph of their Yeomen over the French at Crecy, and the Scots at Neville's Crossing. By the will of England's King Edward III, we invite one and all to gather for a celebration to honour the courage and skill of those who wield the bow in our defense.

We will have all manner of archery shoots, so that the noble archers of Lochac may display their prowess, and archery-related workshops, that they may share their knowledge. In addition, we will have a divers array of entertainments to amuse and delight the populace; a traveller's potluck lunch (please bring a dish to share) and a bountiful evening feast on the Saturday, combat scenarios for heavy, light and rapier fighters (fighters: please come prepared for a mixed combat scenario), a 'Plague Rat' quest to challenge the youthful, song, dance, games, and revelry. All are welcome to share good company and good cheer as we toast our victories.

Please Note: In deference to the wishes of England's Edward III, no cricket is to be played at this event. Gentles who are found to be engaged in this wasteful and decadent pastime will be reported to the constable...

Rimu Park Scout Camp,
SH 73, Yaldhurst.

At the intersection of the West Coast Highway with Old West Coast Rd, approximately 1 km west of Yaldhurst.

Site opens 10 am on Saturday, 18 November, with opening court at 11 am. Site closes Sunday 19 November at 6 pm.

Full event (pre-booked) fee: Adults $17 ($19 for non-SCA members 18 and over), Children $10. Saturday evening feast (not included in full event fee) Adults $10, Children $5. Day fees are $7 for adults and $4 for children. Payment by online transfer is preferred. Please contact the steward if you wish to pay by cheque.

(for non-daytrippers) Friday November 10 Please advise the steward when you book of any food allergies or aversions that the cooks need to be aware of.

(until October 15) Lord Dauid de Cochrane (David Marsden): Thursday November 30 to Sunday December 3, 2006: St Catherine's Fair, Barony of Ildhafn Location:
Barony of Southron Gaard (Yaldhurst, New Zealand)