More than just "Chivalry" grows in Brokenbridge

When the Canton of Brokenbridge in the Crown Province of Ostgardr hosted its first event, "Chivalry Grows in Brooklyn" in May, 2006, little did Brokenbridge (mka, Brooklyn, New York) realize that a lot more than just "chivalry" was about to grow.

A Calontir native who recently moved to Brokenbridge, I decided this May to get back into SCA by attending this event, a nice but rainly day in Marine Park featuring pick-up A&S, heavy arms, and fencing. Nothing overly fancy, but a nice time nonetheless.

Yet who could foresee that this little event would change a lot of things? In the aftermath, I quickly found myself taking the vacent chatelaine position and working for the Canton in ways I never dreamed of in my sixteen years in SCA. The result: Brokenbridge is growing beyond expectation and is now the fastest growing canton in Ostgardr.

Through just three demos and a newcomer's meeting with bardic circle I hosted during Pennsic, Brokenbridge suddenly finds itself with six newcomers since the May event, five of which have come to us since Pennsic! Of those five, four came to our Fort Tryon demo on October 8th and more are expected through the demo. Our "Tis the Gift" event on October 21st will likely include all five summer newcomers, our spring newcomer (Zhang Zhixiu), plus several more from Fort Tyron.

We are aided considerably by a very dedicated officer corp and the enthusiasm of all our newcomers. From fiber arts to fighting to parrot aviculture (the art of keeping and raising companion birds), the word is getting out about SCA in our community, helping us to grow.

Without the hard work of all Ostgardrians this growth would not be possible. In addition, I deeply appreciate the encouragement and assistance of my two mentors, Lady Lilie (chatelaine of the Crown Province of Ostgardr) and Mistress Brianna (whose move to Aethelmearc saddens all Ostgardrians). These fine gentles have helped me become not only a good chatelaine for the Canton, but also helped me with my aviculture work which, in turn, is helping bring up more interest in SCA. The new Company of Medieval Aviculturists is bringing people into SCA who otherwise would never think of doing what we do. To everyone who studies this great art with me, I thank you.

In service,

Aisin Biya
Canton of Brokenbridge in the Crown Province of Ostgardr
Founder, the Company of Medieval Aviculturists