St. David's 30th Year Celebration

Come one, come all! Join in the merriment as the College of St. David celebrates its 30th anniversary! We'll have Prize Tourneys for both heavy and fencing fighters, Bardic Competitions, and Artisan's Row for A&S and merchant display - all in a festive indoor/outdoor picnic setting on the lovely UC Santa Cruz campus. Bring food and an appetite, musical instruments (preferably ones you can *play*), dancing dogs, period games, and anything else to add to the fun.

What is Artisan's Row, you ask? Well, it is the usual A&S display, but with a twist. It is also intended to provide an opportunity for attendees to display any SCA-appropriate items they wish to sell. Due to university rules, any actual sales must take place privately off-site or after the event, but this is a good way to interest potential buyers. Those wishing to participate in Artisan's Row should contact the autocrat in advance to request space.

*Site Fee:* No fee, but donations are most welcome.

Porter College Dining Hall
UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA 95062

*Schedule:* Site opens at 11am. Heavy & fencing prize tourneys begin at noon, with bardic activities to follow. Site Closes at 6pm.

Henrico Di Firenze


  • Heavy Prize Tourney
  • Fencing Prize Tourney and/or Demo
  • Artisans Row
  • Tales of St. David's History (Real & Imagined)
  • "Bard's Choice" Competition (Any form, just entertain us!)
  • "3-Words From a Hat" Competition
  • Punning Competition

*FOOD*: Due to university rules, event coordinators may not provide food for attendees - so no official feast is planned and we're not allowed to officially organize a potluck. However, it is perfectly acceptable for attendees to bring food to share in a potluck-type fashion, if they like. So instead, we're having a great big picnic Bring enough for yourself, and if you can/want, bring some to share. Plenty of space and tables will be made available for this at the event.

*Things to Bring:* Tables and chairs will be available indoors, but you should bring your own or blankets to sit on for the outdoor portion of event, and of course, your own feast gear.

*Directions:* Take your best route to Hwy 1 North of the Hwy 17 & Hwy 1 junction. Upon entering Santa Cruz, turn onto Mission Street. Turn right onto Bay Avenue, then left onto High Street. Turn right onto Heller Drive (UCSC's west entrance). Follow the SCA signs that will be posted on or near each stop sign until you reach Porter College Dining Hall. Location:
College of St. David (Santa Cruz, California)