Local ban on "fight clubs" may halt SCA practices in Michigan city

A local ban by the city of Warren, Michigan (USA) on teenage boxing "fight clubs" at city parks may halt long-standing SCA fighter practices parks in the area.

Warren, Michigan, is a suburban area in Macomb County, near the northern end of Detroit. The area is part of the Canton of Fasach Moor in the Barony of Roaring Wastes, Middle Kingdom. Local SCA members have held fighter practices in the city parks there for several years.

Responding to a news story of a youth in California who died of wounds sustained in an unsanctioned boxing match, Warren officials are considering a city ordinance that would prohibit any kind of fighting activities in city parks. According to a news report in the Macomb Daily, the City Attorney, George Constance, had originally told SCA members there would be an exemption for their armoured combat practices, but a spokesperson last week seemed to indicate that this would not be the case. In a quote that suggests a misunderstanding of SCA armoured combat, Joe Munem said, "They are dealing with weapons designed to go through someone. We don't want to see someone impaled at Halmich Park....We don't want council to carve out an exemption for sword-fighting." SCA combat uses blunt, simulated weapons of rattan wood that are specifically designed not to impale or cut.

The proposed law will be discussed again at a scheduled meeting on October 10.