"Mercurius Civicus: Drachenwald's Intelligencer"

Lady Anya announced that the first issue of Mercurius Civicus: Drachenwald's Intelligencer is "hot off the presses".

Hi all!

Ask and you shall receive! After reading this discussion on the mailing list**, Agmund and I have put our heads together and are proud to present Mercurius Civicus: Drachenwald's Intelligencer!

This will be an *unofficial* SCA publication of articles on all subjects related to the Middle Ages and the SCA, that will be delivered to your email monthly in PDF format. We are now looking for articles on all subjects! Also, if you would like to have a short monthly column (recipe of the month, life in a faraway group, advice columnist) please let us know! We would like to make the newsletter as diverse as possible, so we need your expertise to make this work! we would also like to have a foreign language article per month, either with useful vocabulary translations or informative articles (ie writing documentation in English for Germans). The newsletter will be free, and hardcopies will be available for the price of postage if you need.

To receive a copy of the newsletter, please email either me (jeniferknox@yahoo.com) or Agmund (silkfist@hotmail.com) and let us know. To send us articles, please use the same addresses.

If there are enough articles, we would like to have an issue out for October!

Looking forward to hearing from you all!


(** = Drachenwald mailing list)