Drop Box Sponsorship Needed for Harvest for Hunger

Elizabet Marshall, organizer of the Pennsic food drive, Harvest for Hunger, is seeking volunteers to sponsor the drive's drop boxes. Elizabet Marshall writes
Unto the Known World,

I have had such wonderful response to the food drive. I come to you now with one more request. I'd like to have collection boxes for the food throughout Pennsic. My "team" and I will do the final collection and boxing of the food, but we want to make it as easy as possible for people to donate.


Please consider "sponsoring" a collection box at your encampment. It's pretty easy. Just:

  1. Let me know you're doing it (so I have a count, know where they are and can make enough signs). Send me an Email by July 15, including the group name and block.
  2. Obtain at least two "bankers boxes" (file transfer boxes, available at office supply stores such as Office Max and Staples). (These will then be uniform in size, easy to move, and have lids. I ask for two or more so that there will be plenty for packing the collected foods up.)
  3. Put your boxes, stacked, out on your road frontage by Thursday of War week. I will drop off signs and plastic bags for weather protection for the collection bins at all the camps that have signed up.
That's it. We'll check the boxes each morning starting Thursday of War week. If you want to volunteer for the collection/boxing effort, we'll gladly take extra hands; just drop me an Email.

Elizabet Marshall

Available at Pennsicfood@housemarshall.org