Fall Harvest

The summer draws to an end, and the might of our most benevolent Baron Pellandres, has assured the safety of our Barony's great harvest. Our mills are grinding the grain for our winter bread, our pastures are filled with stock, and our cellars are too full!

Therefore, by her Excellency Valeria's grace and generosity we offer you a chance to sup upon a feast in celebration of the Harvest and in acknowledgement of the prowess of our new Baronial Rattan Champion, who shall be chosen upon this same day.

For those who wish to remain active during the day but who do not wish to participate in the Rattan tourney, we would offer you a competition of the Arts and Sciences, a class or two in the noble Arte of Defense, a chance to step lightly upon the dance floor, and a day-board to tide you until the feast.

Event Schedule
09:00 – Site Setup for Merchants and Staff
09:30 – Gate Opens to All
10:30 – Basic Dance Class Opens
11:00 – A&S Competition/Display Opens
First Rapier Class (Subject TBA)
12:00 – Day-Board Opens
Second Rapier Class (Subject TBA)
12:30 – Inspection of Rattan Equipment and warm-ups
13:30 – Words from Their Excellencies, Rattan Championship begins
15:00 – A&S Competition/Display Closes
16:00 – Their Excellencies Court
17:30 – Feast Setup
18:00 – Feast Begins
20:00 – Dance Floor Opens for those who wish
20:30 – Merchants should begin to Pack up
21:00 – Site Cleanup Begins

Directions: From all points north (Abitibi), south (Vermont, NY, Maine) and east (Quebec, Nova Scotia): Make your best way to Montreal Island, and from there, to Highway 20 West (towards Toronto). Follow Highway 20 West until it becomes a boulevard; turn left at the first street light: this is Boulevard Perrot. Continue on Boul. Perrot until you reach the community centre to your right. Location:
Barony of L'ile du Dragon Dormant (L'Ile Perrot, Quebec)