Panhandle Skirmishes

Panhandle Skirmishes A.S. XLI: The Quest For Nobility! ...being a contest at arms between friendly neighbors, Trimaris and Meridies, to "dispute" borderlands... This year, follow in a Quest for Nobility by competing in heavy armor melees, rapier combat, games, dance, chess tournament, arching at the butts, an Heraldry challenge and many other activities of Noble pursuit.

Hosted by the Shire of Castlemere, October 20 - 22, 2006 at the Wallwood Boy Scout Reservation in Quincy, Forida.

Some General Information:
This is a "dry" site, No Pets, except Coursing Hounds and Registered Service Companions.

Please take note of a few items that will help us all enjoy this event. While there may be a goodly amount of toliet paper in the restrooms, please be courteous and do not be excessive in its use as that will surely cause the toilets to back up and become a nuisance for your fellows. Please report any issues with the facilities as soon as possible. Clean up after yourselves -- there is no serf service at this event, someone you know will have to pick up after you if you do not take that personal responsibility. Also, please do not leave vehicles in the campsites overnight and do not park in the battlefield area. While we would only tow a vehicle that was parked in an unsafe or restricted area, or was blocking a road or necessary access, we would not hesitate to stoop to public ridicule, hazing and guilt trips.

At-the-door, or by pre-registration, the prices are:
Day Trip $12
1 Night $17
Weekend $22
Non-Member Surcharge $6
Feast - Free! (Donations to the Trimarian Kitcheneers are gratefully accepted).
Children 12 and under are free. Families with offspring living at the same address will not pay more than three adult fees.

Directions to site:
Make your best way to Interstate 10 west of Tallahassee, then follow the graphic map below. If you want to get directions from your favorite web mapping site, the camp's address is: Wallwood Boy Scout Reservation, Lake Viewpoint Rd, Quincy, FL 32351 (alternately, 23 Wallwood Bsa Dr, Quincy, FL).

Staff Listing
Event Steward: HL Thorunn Vigadottir Contact by Email: Location:
Shire of Castlemere (Quincy, Forida)