Equestrian Boot Camp

The Shire of Stormsport is proud to announce that it will be hosting an Equestrian Boot Camp on Saturday, November 18th from 11 AM until we "boot" people (and horses) out.

This somewhat stripped down version of last year's Horses, Hawks and Hounds will be focused on three things: Training/authorizing groundsmen, getting riders authorized and getting Marshals-in-Training trained. It is our sincerest hope that we have candidates for all three activities because our MITs really need victims.er.volunteers to put through the authorization and training process. Since we have access to an indoor arena, these activities will be held rain or shine.

Spectators, falconers, birds-of-prey, houndsmen and women and their dogs are welcome as well. If enough of these good folks show-up there may be impromptu classes in those areas as well as the afore mentioned "official" activities.

In addition, if the weather cooperates and folk want to participate, we are planning a trail ride for Sunday morning.

Please note that because of time constraints, we will not be able to give riding lessons. Those planning on bringing horses to the site will have to have proof of a recent Coggins exam (negative results) taken within the last six months for each horse they plan on bringing. Horses may stay on site overnight in group pasture boarding only. There are no private paddocks or stalls available at this site. Pasture boarding is available from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning.

All riders must wear boots that have a low heel and that provide ankle support. We have a limited number of helmets to share for those who do not have them. All riding authorizations must be done wearing a helmet. Minors who wish to authorize must a parent or legal guardian present at the site.

The site is Van Dee Stables, 9051 Hamot Road, Waterford, PA 16441. The site opens 5 PM on Friday (For those of you with horses that would like to pasture board) and closes at 1 PM on Sunday for trail riders. Otherwise site hours are from 11 AM until 7 PM Saturday.

Cost for this extravaganza will be $15.00 for the entire weekend. This includes a side board for Saturday lunch as well as the site fee. Persons under 16 years of age are $10.00 and the smallest of our citizens (5 and under) are free. Merchants are welcome, but we would appreciate a call so we can plan space in case of bad weather. Your Co-Autocrats are Alexander Caithnes and Rannveigr Haakonardottir. Please call if you have any questions about the event or horse/rider requirements.

If you are planning on pasture boarding, separate fees are required and will be paid directly to VanDee Stables. Contact Alexander or Rannveigr about the boarding fee schedule.

Directions: (From All Points) Take your best route to the intersection of I-90 and US 19 South. Take US 19 South to the first intersection with a traffic light. This is Oliver Road. Turn Right.

Stay on Oliver Road for 1.5 Miles. Turn left on to Hamot Road.

Stay on Hamot for 1.3 Miles. You will pass a two housing developments and a grass runway airport. The stables are the next driveway after the airport on the left. If you get to New Road you've gone too far. Location:
Shire of Stormsport (Waterford, Pennsylvania)