Caerthen Toys for Tots

To the Kingdom of the Outlands and the Barony of Caerthe, do we, Lord Iohannes Kynith and Lady Gwentliana filia Iohannes, Caerthan Representatives for Toys for Tots send Greetings.

It was announced at Crown Tournament that His Majesty, King Bela issued a challenge to the Knowne World at Pensic War regarding Toys for Tots. He challenged all of the Kingdoms to try and beat us, the Mighty Outlands, in the collection of toys, to try and regain the Toys for Tots Sword.

Are we ready to stand up and show the rest of the Knowne World that they can not beat us, on the Battlefield or closer to home? We say AYE!

With this in mind, we are having a Toys for Tots Event, where we know that Caerthe and any others who choose to participate can deliver toys and cash donations. We will be running the standard Buy-A-Life Tourney where the "cost" of your lives will be a toy, and we have been asked by Their Excellencies Patric and Mary to hold a Rose Tourney. There will be a cash donation lunch.

Grant Ave. Community Center
216 S. Grant
Denver, CO.

$5.00 toy donation

Lord Iohannes Kynith

Lady Gwentliana filia Iohannes

Directions: Make your best way to I-25 and Alameda. Go East on Alameda to Grant Ave (0.8 miles) and turn Left. The Community Center is on the right. There will be signs. Location:
Barony of Caerthe (Denver, Colorado)