Estrella War XXIII A&S Collegium “Call for Instructors”

Mistress Elspeth von Bremen, Collegium Steward for Estrella XXIII, is seeking instructors for the upcoming War.

Mistress Elspeth writes:

Greetings Unto the Known World from the Staff of Estrella War XXIII A&S Collegium,

Whether your art, skill, or knowledge may be in textiles or cheese making, scientific instruments or costuming, alchemy or bardic, feast preparation or dance, tent making, French seams, calligraphy, smithing or anything in between you are cordially invited to join us for an hour (or two) instructing your speciality to a captivated audience at Estrella War XXIII.

Classes will take place from Wednesday, February 14th through Sunday, February 18th, 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM each day.  Instructor Registration forms are available online or by contacting the Estrella War XXIII A&S Collegium Staff at:

For your class offering to be listed in the Estrella War XXIII Gatebook it must be received and recorded by December 1st, 2006.  All other courses are readily accepted and appreciated until we leave for event but will be listed on a web site and on Class Schedules at Estrella War XXIII.

Estrella War XXIII will take place over the week of February 13th ~ 19th, 2007 in Florence, Arizona.  Pre Registration is now open.  Information is available on the web site at:

Thank You for continuing the arts in these current Middle Ages!

Good War to you!

Estrella War XXIII A&S Collegium Staff
Mistress Elspeth von Bremen, Collegium Steward