Pennsic University Instructors May Register Online

Gentles wishing to teach classes at the upcoming Pennsic War may register online, according to Mistress Chai'usun, Pennsic 32 A&S Coordinator. Mistress Chai writes:

Greetings to the Teachers of the Known World from the Staff of the Pennsic University,

The time fast approaches for us to finalize the Pennsic 32 Book of Classes.

If you have not yet registered to teach a class at Pennsic we invite you to sign up now through our web pages at

Classes taught at the Pennsic War can be on a wide variety of subjects. However, the subject matter should deal with the time period and the interests of the Society for Creative Anachronism: specifically the Medieval and Renaissance periods, its peoples and its cultures. Classes can also cover specific aspects of our Society: its background, its history and its organization.

If you'd like to teach at Pennsic please use the Online Teacher Registration Form to apply to teach.

You must fill out and submit a new form for each class you would like to teach. While we would like to please everyone, submitting the form does not guarantee that we can accommodate your request for a specific time or location. All classes are assigned on a first come basis. Classes for some locations (Performing Arts, Dance, Middle Eastern Dance, Children's Point, Coxcomb Academy, Games) will be passed along to the appropriate schedulers, or you may contact them directly--contact info for schedulers can be found on the main A&S pages at If you have a need to schedule an A&S tent for events, officers, guild, or populous meetings please email Mistress Chai directly at

Wishing you all an educational Pennsic War!

Mistress Chai'usun
Pennsic 32 A&S Coordinator
Jana Russ