Brits are All Celts Under the Skin

According to a recent study of the genetic makeup of Britain's population, nearly all residents are descended from the Celts. "If one thinks that the English are genetically different from the Scots, Irish and Welsh, that's entirely wrong," said Professor Bryan Sykes, a human geneticist at Oxford University.

The Oxford research team found that 64% of the English have Celtic heritage while 73% of the Scots do. The results were even higher in Wales with 83% having Celtic roots. The study also concluded that the Celtic heritage was derived from tribes who came to Briton from Spain.

celtic origins

i'm of english and irish ancestry but i could also have welsh and scottish ancestry were all celtic celtic origins were widespread over the british isles

celt origins in britain

a lot of us have Irish Scottish and welsh mixed with the English i'm of Irish and English but i could also have Scottish and Welsh ancestry were all celtic