New Zealand Groups to Join Lochac

In a vote by the Board of Directors on April 26, it was decided that SCA groups in New Zealand would become part of the Kingdom of Lochac. Several factors led to the Board of Directors' decision to move the New Zealand groups to Lochac. According to the most recent poll, 55.5% of members wished to join Lochac, 40% wished to remain part of the Kingdom of Caid and 4.5% did not reply. The Directors took this poll into account in their decision, as well as the opinions of the Royalty and Seneschals of both Kingdoms, which favored the move. The Board vote was 5 in favor and one opposed and the motion was passed. The move will become official at Lochac Crown Tourney May 9-11, 2003.

At the same meeting, the Board also approved the Shire of Ildhafn to become a Barony.

Congratulations to all!