Harvest Tourney: Crimson Sky War

As the summer fades away the sky will turn crimson in the Barony of Terra Pomaria. Come help us defend our lands from the threat of a long cold winter on Friday the 6th of October at Willamette Mission State Park in Kaiser Oregon with the return of Crimson Sky War. In addition to the war there will be a Two Man tournament to celebrate the harvest and the great bounty of our barony will go to the most worthy fighters on the field. Archers, Bring your Bows to help us hunt to build up our supplies for winter and Bards bring your bardic talents for all to celebrate and listen to by the warmth of our fire. Artisans Come display your wears and rapier fighters come hone your skills.

All Fighters that participate in Crimson Sky war will receive the 2006 Crimson Sky WAR T-shirt!!

Merchants, if you wish to merchant at this event, please contact the merchantcrat liaison located at the bottom of this page.

Crimson Sky War:
It is a time of famine with a meager rice crop throughout the region. After the Harvest, three monks divided the rice between their temples to ensure the grain was evenly distributed for the people.

Distrust is common amongst the overlords of the region. Each is convinced that their neighbors received more rice in their temple than they did. Whether through greed or wanting to ensure that their people have enough to make it through the winter they set guards at their own temple and send their troops to gather the bags of rice from the other two…

The war lasts about 1 hour with a 30 min break.
There will be three teams chosen at random by team captains. The team with the most bags of grain at the end of the hour wins. Angus will explain all the rules and history when all the fighters have assembled it's easier that way than listing them beforehand.

Two-man Tourney:
Double elimination
Any authorized heavy fighter can enter
Any tourney weapon style is excepted
Teams are by fighter's choice with the only stipulation that no two knights can be on the same team....a knight and squire team is fine.

Arts and Science:
A&S non-competition.
Curious about how an Arts & Sciences competition works? This is only for those who have never before entered an Arts and Sciences competition. All of the entries will get constructive feedback from the judges. The scoring sheets will be just like those used in an Arts & Sciences competition. This is an all ages and all skill levels event. I encourage our crafters of every age and level to enter.

The prize (a treasure chest of crafters suppliers) will be given to the entrant whose name is randomly pulled out of a hat.

This is NOT a competition!

Arts & Science Competition:
Never won an A&S Competition
This is an A&S Competition designed for anyone who’s never won an Arts & Sciences competition.

All of the entries will get constructive feedback from the judges. The scoring sheets will be available prior to the event, so you can see what your entry will be judged on. Documentation of your entry is encouraged, but not required. The prize is a treasure chest of crafters supplies

People who can enter:
People who have never won an A&S Competition
People who have never entered an A&S Competition

Largess Display:
The Barony of Terra Pomaria relies on the generosity of the populace for the prizes and gifts given by our Baron and Baroness. We invite all of our crafters to display any largesse they have made for our fair barony so that everyone can admire them. The largesse of the populace will be presented to our Baron and Baroness in court.

Largesse that was not made (fabric, leather, etc.) will also be happily collected at the Largesse display to present their Excellencies with at Saturday court.

Preliminary class list:
How to run Gate
How to Autocrat an event
Introduction to Sewing
Play and History of Medieval Games

Rapier Tournament: To be announced
Archery Competition: To be announced

Site Info: Willamette Mission State Park 10991 Wheatland Road, Gervais Or. 97026

Directions: From I-5 North or south take exit 263 towards Brooks. Turn left onto Brooklake Rd. NE. Turn right onto Wheatland rd north. Follow Wheatland approx 5miles to Willamette mission state park, Follow signs to site.

Gate Opens At 3pm on Friday the 6th. Site closes @ 12 noon on Sunday Site fee Weekend: $15 Adult, Youth (12-17): $10 Child(5- 11):$5 Daytrip: Adult $10 Youth $5 Child $5 Non-member surcharge will apply ($3.00) Make Checks Payable to The Barony of Terra Pomaria

Event Autocrat: HL Lynnarra , (mka Eleshia Ledridge):

http://dame-elspeth.50megs.com/crimson_sky.htm Location:
Barony of Terra Pomaria (Kaiser Oregon)