THL Caitlin Deirdre of Errelynn passes

THL Caitlin Deirdre of Errelynn, mka Deirdre Shaw, passed away early Saturday morning, September 23rd, after a three-year battle with breast cancer. She is survived by her parents and her dog Shaina.

Caitlin Deirdre took an Olympic-style fencing class in Community Education, in 1987. She followed that up by joining the SCA, where she was an avid participant. Her interests included fencing, garb-making, chainmail-making, cooking, and most especially, chocolate. Caitlin was a prolific author, publishing dozens of articles in the Ice Dragon and the Æstel. She was recognized many times over her nearly two decades as an SCA member, earning several fencing tournament championships, as well as a VOID, a Golden Alce, a Millrind, and most recently, she was named Kingdom Chocolatier for Æthelmearc at Summer's End two weeks ago. She was most proud of this last accolade.

Caitlin taught fencing for many years, in the Hael, and was Captain of Fencers several times. She was a Fencing Marshal for many years, working with the Kingdom, as well. She fenced in at least six different kingdoms, including SCA tournaments in Drachenwald, while on vacation.

While Caitlin's strong personality could be somewhat difficult at times, she was goodhearted, loyal and a devoted friend to dozens of Haelies. Her warmth, her humor, will be missed by us all.

(announcement written by Master Brandric Slaywrock)