Regarding the Society Chirurgeon's office

In response to some questions and concerns that have been raised, the Board of Directors and the Society Chirurgeon wish to state that the announcement for the replacement position of the Society Chirurgeon is in no way related to the events of this year's Pennsic.

Dr. Carlock stepped up to the position in April of 2004. Her three-year warrant expires in April 2007. In her July 2006 quarterly report, she requested that the Board of Directors start looking for her replacement. The notice was posted in a time frame that allows for sufficient time to advertise for the position, make a selection, and provide some overlap/training time between the outgoing and incoming Society Chirurgeons.


Shawn Reed - Director, SCA Inc, Chirurgeon Ombudsman
(Baroness Stephanie of Nethyrwode, OL, OP)

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